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The 10 Best Beaches To Visit In Greece

Fall - the season after summer and before winter, when fruits and crops become ready to eat and the leaves fall off the trees.

We are now officially into the fall season, even here in Greece, the never ending summer land. Leaves are falling from trees, jumpers and coats have fully replaced the short sleeved shirts and light cardigans we used to wear up until a few weeks ago and even rain showers and cloudy days are an anticipated fact. By the end of the month, every home will have put up their Christmas decorations and the heavy anticipation for the “most wonderful time of the year” will be so palpable, you’ll be able to cut it with a knife. Every year at around this time I start to heavily reminisce about the past summer, all the amazing places I visited and start contemplating plans for next summer.

Greece is a lot of things, its beautiful islands, picturesque towns, amazing food and warm welcoming people. There’s one thing though that no other country can beat, its many many maaany amazing beaches. Greece is surrounded on 3 sides by water and has numerous islands in its possession. It's coastline is full of natural inlets, bays, and coves. You’ll be able to find all kinds of different types, sandy beaches, gravel beaches, pebbled beaches, seashell beaches etc., in so many shades of blue; turquoise, aquamarine, azure, baby blue, teal, cerulian, indigo, sapphire…and the list goes on. If you ask 10 greeks, what the top 3 beaches in Greece are, you’ll probably get 10 very different answers.

Personally, the beach is my absolute happy place, no matter whether I’m lounging on a chaise longue under a huge umbrella, sipping cocktails all day and catching up on my tan and reading, or whether I’m spending the day, camping and picnicking out on the beach with friends and family, playing with the kids in the water and building forts on the sand. After long and hard deliberation, I have combined a list with my Top 10 beaches someone should visit in Greece.

1. Voutoumi, Antipaxos

A wonderful, pebbled beach on the north eastern coast of Antipaxos (a small island very near Paxoi island). It is considered among the best and most exotic beaches of the Mediterranean mainly due to the stunning color of its marvelous turqoise waters.

2. Balos, Crete

Balos is a very special beach in Chania, Crete. Its sand is shades of white and pink, which comes from the many old seashells that have been transformed into dust by the sea through the years. The waters are shallow, crystal-clear and warm. As Balos is a lagoon, swimming there is like swimming in a vast, very picturesque pool.

3. Kavourotrypes, Halkidiki

Kavourotrypes, also known as Portokali (Orange beach) is located between Armenistis and Platanitsi beaches in Sithonia, Halkidiki. It is the small paradise on earth as it combines a golden sandy beach with crystal-clear, emerald and shallow waters, accompanied by great view to Mt. Athos and is surrounded by pine trees and white rocks.

4. Simos, Elafonissos

Simos consists of two beaches, Megalos (Large) Simos and Mikros (Small) Simos. A narrow stretch of white sand divides these two magnificent beaches which are gifted with turquoise exotic waters. The area is made up of white sand dunes and crystal clear waters that offer a unique swimming experience.

5. Voidokilia, Messinia

Voidokilia or Voidokoilia is a beautiful sandy beach in the southwestern coast of Peloponnese, near Pylos town. Its soft sand dunes, gently-slopping berm, and lack of commercial development make it one of the most attractive beaches of Greece. It has warm waters, and a gently slopping seafloor that stays shallow for a long-long way. That makes it ideal for families with children.

6. Sarakhiniko, Milos

Sarakiniko Beach is located in the northeastern part of Milos Island. A first glance at the beach from above makes you doubt whether you are on Earth or on the Moon or on another planet. The scenery is so odd, so strange, that if it does not scare you, it will definitely win you forever. White high rocks, sculpted by the winds of the Aegean Sea and the waves of the blue sea.

7. Navagio, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos will dazzle your tropical dreams into reality as blue and white beauty immesh to create a shipwrecked oasis. You will not be able to get the clear, crystal blue waters and fine gravel sand off your mind for months to come. The remoteness of the beach only adds to the spectacular and unique atmosphere. The baby blue waters and towering golden cliffs absolutely enchant travelers with its exotic features and atmosphere.

8. Seychelles, Ikaria

Seychelles Beach on Ikaria Island is a beautiful and exotic beach that you should definitely visit. It is an artificial beach which was created by the opening of a tunnel in southern Ikaria. It has fine white sand with beautiful large white pebbles and turquoise calm waters. The beach is surrounded by impressive huge gray rocks which provide vast natural shade.

9.Egkremni, Lefkada

Egremni is a beautiful beach situated 38 km southwest of Lefkada Town. This long sandy beach is surrounded by impressive barren cliffs that create a magnificent backdrop. The unique beauty of Egremni has made it one of the most photographed landscapes in the world. The white sand, shiny pebbles and crystal clear waters create an amazing setting that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Nevertheless, if you seek seclusion, you can also find some private spots under the cliffs.

10. Pori, Koufonissia

Last but definitely not least, Pori Beach in Koufonisia. The beach, which is often referred to as Paradise, has been described as one of the most beautiful beaches not only of the island but also of the whole of Europe. There you will see blue, crystal clear waters and soft sand that challenges you to build towers and castles at any age. It is a large and spread sandy beach, comfortable and safe no matter how many people are there.

There are so many other absolutely stunning beaches on the islands and mainland of Greece, that you definitely should visit. May the above be an inspiration for your next year planning.

xo, Ersi from Pezzetta team

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