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What are Pestemal towels and why are they so famous?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

A pestemal (sometimes spelled peshtemal), which is also called a fouta or a hamman towel, originally stems from the Anatolian region and is part of that culture for hundreds of years. Pestemals are large, flat and velvety soft towels. Due to the fact that pestemal towels are flat-woven, extremely lightweight and take up minimal space, has made them the perfect travel companion. In addition to that, the fact that they are highly absorbent, dry faster than thicker towels and become softer with each wash, has made them extremely popular, both in Greece and around the world.

In Greece, the pestemal has grown largely in popularity in recent years and is primarily used as a beach towel, especially due to it being very lightweight, absorbing and quickly to dry. Combined with the fact that the pestemal comes in many vibrant colours, with fresh and modern patterns has made the towel extremely versatile and extended its relevance to a variety of uses, such as the bath, the pool, the boat and even the gym.

At Pezzeta you will find an extensive collection of pestemal towels in original and unique handmade designs for every taste. They are made of 100% soft natural cotton certified with the highest OEKO-TEX® certification and most importantly completely organic and eco-friendly. Explore our collection and choose your own versatile pestemal to enjoy as a beach towel, a pool towel or a cover-up and stand out at everywhere you'll go.

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